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Let Us Help You to feel freeFeel FreeWhat we think, we become.

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Let Us Help You to feel free


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What we think, we become.


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About Us

The South West Wellbeing Centre is a unique clinic that incorporates therapeutic services to assist in your health and wellbeing. We provide a Centre of Excellence in Therapeutic, counselling and psychological services to promote your overall wellbeing – including your mental health, physical health, emotional health and social connectiveness. We are interested in assisting any…


The South West Wellbeing Centre provides a range of support and services across the South West of WA. Consultations can occur in your home, in your community or at our consulting rooms. Services may be provided to individuals, families, or organisations. Services may include various aspects of your health and wellbeing – including your physical…


We want to help you to achieve your WELLBEING.  The Medical culture of our society often focusses on the problem and we wish to assist with solutions and to focus on your strengths.   Your Doctor or allied health professional may have given you a diagnosis and this may include stress, depression and anxiety.  We…

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Service Provision/Offices  Please contact our Manager for Referrals and Inquiries on 0411 138 036 or You can email Located Centrally in Bunbury at 16 Spencer St. Bunbury  Postal Address: P.O. Box 6327 South Bunbury You can email